.​.​.​and they call it Whiskeybillie

by The Steady Swagger

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released January 28, 2012

Pi Sailin Cutler : Vox/Guitar/Mandolin
Mat Lacombe : Vox/Double Bass
Andrew Blakney : Percussive Hand Brooms

Trombone on Track 5 by Eli Richards
Clarinet on Track 11 by Elizabeth Millar

Gang Vocals on Track 3, 7 and 9 by Santosh Lalonde, J-P Demers, Aly Neumann, Speedy Johnson, Bartleby J. Budde, Steeve Lavoie, Jean Christophe Poirier, Dug Kawliss, Guim Moro, Lucas Choi Zimbel, Phil Ouellette, Lucas Alcantara.

Logo design by Andrew Blakney - Special thanks to Pat larochelle for the groundworks.

Album Design & Layout by The Steady Swagger

Recorded, mixed and produced by Pieryves Decoste (AKA Pi Sailin Cutler) and Mathieu Lacombe at Hobbit Studio in Montreal, QC.
* Rats was recorded by Aly Neumann at R.A.C. Studios in Montreal, QC.

All songs written and performed by The Steady Swagger except for Squashed Mouse written by RantMusic.

Mastered by Gaetan Pilon at Studio Victor in Montreal, QC


all rights reserved



The Steady Swagger Montréal, Québec

As soon as they get going, so does their hungry public. For the past six years The Steady Swagger have been crafting their unique style of folk storytelling grounded by a solid rock & roll foundation. They play a deft mélange of high octane theatrical folk music punctuated by surf rock, jazz, pirate shanties and gritty blues. ... more

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Track Name: Primal Wave
Primal Wave
Lyrics by M. Lacombe

While we we’re sleeping our shoes were out by the door
So we would all know where there’s vacancy for this coming day
We’d sleep through the day while the others were flocking as one
They’d flock all day then return and sing to the moon

While we were sleeping they would sing as one

We traveled westward in the night our lights shining dim
Car wrecks and rifles are reminders that we walk with fear
We burn the nests, they are the threat, we take them out with no regret
‘Cause they could read our minds and they keep haunting us in our dreams
Track Name: Big Fat Radiant Sun
Big Fat Radiant Sun
Lyrics by M. Lacombe

I’m going for a walk I’ll put on my favorite pair of shoes
I’ve got my bamboo socks I’m walking with my own two feet on the street there beneath
My legs they’re getting tired from all those hills
But I just keep on walking ‘cause it feels so good with that big fat sun shining down on my face

Bring on the sun

Well now I’m sitting with a cloud of smoke above my head
I’m watching all the folks they’re walking down the street with their own two feet right beneath their cheeks
The ladies are so pretty and it drives the lads crazy as they walk down the street I’ve got to say they look silly
Well me and her we’ve got these cans we’re drinking with the big fat sun shining down on our face

You make me feel alright when you shine down from that sky
It makes me feel alright, with that big fat radiant sun just shining on us from that big ‘ol sky
Track Name: Fire and Whiskey
Fire & Whiskey
Lyrics by P. Sailin Cutler & M. Lacombe

What happened that night if I could remember
I found myself wandering out on the streets
Then it started to rain when this man stood before me
His face was a shadow his deep voice said to me
“Where are you going”? I said mind your own business
I reached in my bag I had one can of Guinness
So I cracked her right open, she was done in one shot
I stepped in the bar and I ordered some shots of whiskey…

The man sat beside me and he looked in my eyes
I said why are you here? Then I was shocked and surprised
It was the devil in person with red scales for skin
“It’s been a long time, tell me how have you been”
I was speechless and afraid and I could barely move
No one could see him so I could not prove
But I swear that I saw him he was physically there
I was not yet drunk I was mentally scared
With a click from his fingers then the barmaid appeared
Then the devil he said “I’m ready for Fire and Whiskey”

Well sit by me lad and let’s drink this whiskey
Then fire will surround you and things will get freaky
But don’t be afraid, I’ve no need for your soul
I need you to sit, and to drink, and to feel bold
We’ve now one shot down, now lets have some more
The flames they’ll burn quicker, let’s get drunk then drink more
Then we’ll hit the streets and I’ll go out for more
But I’ll let you go home to that missus you adore

I was too drunk when I crawled in your bed
Cold skin and dreamless you’d think I was dead
Cause my eyes they were empty and my body felt weak
But my lungs were still breathing and my breath it smelled like whiskey
Track Name: Squashed Mouse
Squashed Mouse
Lyrics by M. Bonevicsh

Well it feels like autumn
But its summer masquerading around
In it’s black cloak and sickle
Cackling shivers up my spine
Kiss me harder kiss me with the words
The vibrant things of life
Tell me sweet lies
When death comes knocking be my alibi

But I’ll not be caught with my slacks around my ankles
Your panties damp upon my head
And I had a tip from the devil a couple of times before he said
keep your teeth in hell you won’t have any

But it feels like heaven
Just might be real
But I never, never did believe
But now I might as well.

Hey there squashed mouse
How does it feel to be someone’s glorious meal?
Was it tiresome? The act of being chased to death
Like a billion times before

After such a short time alive I though that you should be pissed
You’re smashed to the ground and drowned in a bucket of rain
Well I can just imagine what its like to see the cold hand of death
Come looking for you, grasping at your brain

But it feels like heaven
Just might be real
But I never, never did believe
But now I might as well.

One, two, three, four your heart remains scattered across the floor
Five, six, seven, eight you learn to appreciate every mundane chore
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve I never believed in heaven or hell but now I might as well
And if that man in a black cloak comes knocking tell him I’m not at home

But it feels like heaven
Just might be real
But I never, ever did believe
But now I might as well.
Track Name: Time
Lyrics by P. Sailin Cutler

With time you can say no
You cross this line, this invisible line
I keep to myself in a jar by my side

With time you can’t feel no
The oil sand is just a mile away from you
So stay

Where the people know you best
And the barmaid knows your name
You’re welcome to stay for a limited time

The map is here
But the road is gone
And the trees are blue
And the river is green

With time you can hold on
To the things you care, you care the most
Just hold on

The map is here
But the road is gone
And the trees are blue
And the river is green

With time you can’t let go
Of the things you care, you care the most
Just let go
Track Name: Heavin` Stone
Heavin’ Stone
Lyrics by M. Lacombe and A. Blakney

“Heave fools, make us move
Turn right fools, make us move”

First I saw it, perfection, selected for the “finest” of men just sitting atop sippin’ on tea and livin’ life free and collecting all the money from you and me
Livin’ for the spite of productive life, big brother always told em “just be nice”
Now they’re heavin’ a stone away from their homes to a far undisclosed location
Finally my eyes they dropped low to make out so many droves of people wrapped in rope and doing their damn best to cope with the situation at hand
“Heave fools c’mon make us move!” said the “finest” of men high above the sand
“Turn right fools c’mon we gotta move!” to the droves of good folks

The stone’s been tainted but the blood has faded to create a pretty marble design
The dust never settles except for when the rain comes to wash their sins and turn tears to mud
The rope’s tied tight and try with all their might they can’t put up a good fight can’t even sleep at night ‘cause they’re being dragged under and over them ropes, unraveling reality and strangling hope

While they build their kingdom many good men die but let’s keep on resisting and question why and where are they leading us and what are they feeding us
Don’t you know they’ll cut your brain if that’s what it takes to make a pull-sane man?
While they build their kingdom many good men die but why in the first place
Why did all those good men follow?

It’s a new generation heavin stones like flocks surviving the conquered old stock in a solid mind-lock
With broken backs they think the rope is right “we gotta pull our weight, it’s our reason for life”
Why comply with a norm set in stone by those born and pre-disposed to control us
I’ve opened my eyes it took a crack of the whip, I see our future is rope and a boot to the face
Track Name: Tales of a Turtle
Tales of a Turtle
Lyrics by M. Lacombe and A. Blakney

Welcome all please have a seat, the chairs they’re tied together
And until you’re called stay off your feet or you’ll find them both severed
We lead you here, you followed with fear but you couldn’t care less to be bothered
The tales you hear are often revered and give good cause to the author

We need hunters and farmers and those that breed scapegoats to keep ourselves clean
We need workers, barristers and those without to build and maintain this machine
We need paper bills, more reasons to kill and division of class
We need conspiracies and secret agencies, it’s convoluted you say? Well that’s the best part

Lets all sing together while we work to remember what made us forget in the first place
The tales they entice and they’re there to remind us that everything fine but we are not safe

These walls you see pay them no mind just take a number and get in line
One more leap of faith, simply close your eyes, you must trust us, everything’s fine
We are the ones in control don’t forget just pay attention to the tales
These fine stories to induce conformity now have a seat, the chairs they’re tied together
Track Name: Sleep Away
Sleep Away
Lyrics by M. Lacombe

I want to live to be an old man with you
I want to feel your breath upon my neck and upon my shoulder as you whisper in my ear
I want to dream of a lazy warm horizon throwing shadows over me
I want to sleep for as long as it’ll take for my skin to wrinkle and for when white hairs prevail

I close my eyes
And sleep away them days
Was this the life meant for me?
Or did I falsely perceive

I want to live a full life custom made just for me
I want to drink scotch and whiskey and smoke recklessly
I want to do all of these good things with you by my side
I want to feast on good wisdom and spit out the tension from financial dependence we’ll just let things happen and I most guarantee that we shall be content

Lay your head upon my chest, we’ll just sit and we shall grow old
Looking out we can see all of life’s mysteries playing out on the horizon with the sunset throwing shadows over me and you and our dog, his names Blue; he’s the laziest hound dog that I’ve ever known
Now I look back just to see that you’re not here with me

I call your name with no reply
Was that dream not meant for me?
I understand now, you were not there, you never were, but I was
Track Name: Puppets
Lyrics by P. Sailin Cutler & M. Lacombe

Where did all the puppets go?

Dirty little puppets are hanging on a tree
And all their strings are tangled into one
Dirty little puppets are hanging from their feet
All tangled up and dancing on their heads

Track Name: Drink with Me
Drink with me
Lyrics by P. Sailin Cutler

Beside the graveyard there’s a man beneath a tree
With words of wisdom he could always set you free
From time to time he’d use them tricks to manipulate
Come out and grab a shot now drink with me tonight

Everybody drink! Drink with me!

He used his power to turn the world to his own image
Oh no don’t you know he’s a very heavy drinker
He lifted his hand up in the air and turned the sea into wine
Come out we’ll have a swim and we’ll drink ‘till the seas are drying
Track Name: Lights Out
Lights Out
Lyrics by M. Lacombe

When all the lights go out
Shadows prevail, twisted visions unveil, you try to inhale but you can’t
When all the lights go out
The creatures that fly, they benight the sky, the monsters are creeping, your body is freezing
When all the lights go out
Memories absorbed through your skin to your veins, they’re haunting your mind and you swear you can taste blood

When all the lights go out
Fragments of whispers induce psychological torture
The night stalkers, creepy crawlers, the savage beast and the vampires
Are sneaking out to make you squeal, to make you bleed
When all the lights go out
Memories of pleasure and sweat laced with pain, you’re screaming out “these are not mine!” you could see through the eyes of that predator stalking it’s prey, all you see is your own damned face

Dark creatures will pierce the skin, and then a fierce thirst will ravage your life
Be gone foul creature let me lie here in peace beyond any doubt this is the end
Let me die most foul creature and when all life has left me only then may you feast
On my limbs and my skin, my eyes and my finger nails, and my entrails
Blood will trickle down your filthy throat as you feed on my belly and make yours bloat
Beyond any doubt you will hear the same shout, for night after night they’re all out and about when all the lights go out
Track Name: Rats (bonus track)
Lyrics by M. Lacombe & P. Sailin Cutler

The rats marched on
Not afraid of us
For the death of their pups and their dams
They swore revenge

They came to a halt
The warren was found
Called out to the rabbits
For they knew their hate was strong

Now they crawl through our walls
Like the roaches in the city
With their eyes blacked out
And with a plan that would
Burn us to the ground

They had it all
Then we snared to feast
For the rats warfarin
And for that they set out to kill

We had to face
Their advance on us
The rush

All the rats and dirty rabbits
Now an army waging war
In the name of all their fallen kits and pups and dams
And all the rest of their families
That is their reality

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