The Steady Swagger

by The Steady Swagger

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The Steady Swagger 2013


released June 1, 2013

Pi Sailin' Cutler : Vocals/Guitar
Brigitte Desjardins : Drums/Vocals
Mat ¨Chewy¨ Lacombe : Vocals/Double Bass

Recorded at The Mainline Theatre and Hobbit Studio in Montreal.

Produced and Mixed by Mat Lacombe and Pi Sailin Cutler

Recording Engineer : Pi Sailin Cutler

Album art by Mark Komorowski

Mastered by Gaetan Pilon at Studio Victor in Montreal




The Steady Swagger Montréal, Québec

As soon as they get going, so does their hungry public. For the past six years The Steady Swagger have been crafting their unique style of folk storytelling grounded by a solid rock & roll foundation. They play a deft mélange of high octane theatrical folk music punctuated by surf rock, jazz, pirate shanties and gritty blues. ... more

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Track Name: Barrels of Rhum
Lyrics by Mathieu Lacombe and Pi Sailin' Cutler

A barrel of rum, a barrel of rum
we'll never say no to a barrels of rum

We set sail for Jamaica with sugar-laced barrels
to be filled with their rum as they called us all scoundrels
with a swallow, time three, we'll then set out to sea
to the north we shall sail, as drunk as can be

With the scullery maid to my cabin I'll stumble
like a true buccaneer, yeah we'll screw on the barrels
then I send her away and go dance on me deck
I'll drink me some more, until rum I will sweat

Mates stand up and rise as the captain arrives
with a flask in his hand, and a peg at his thigh
he drank himself drunk and kicked over his trunk
he grabbed a handful of plunder, "the world's ours" he thundered

We've been sailing for months, and for months we've been drunk
the rum gets so strong, I care not if we sunk
with red eyes, sweet home, we have finally reached
what was rum in a barrel, has now turned to Screech

What is that screech?
It's the rum, me son!
Track Name: Dirty Dance Floor
Lyrics by Pi Sailin' Cutler and Mathieu Lacombe

We came along just to get your feet moving
all you fine looking folks with swaggered smiles on your faces
put your drinks up...
we ain't got no time to waste we're gonna kick up dust

And when we meet again I'll still be playing this game
I will pretend that I remember your name
I have this vague conviction that we have met before
while drinking sangrias on a dirty dance floor

We've got some sweat rolling down our backs
from lugging all our shit upon the STM
get your drink on...
we're gonna get bodies moving with these Whiskeybillie songs
So won't you go ahead and have a drink with me
we're gonna get blood flowin' with some fire and whiskey
put your drinks up...
we ain't got no time to waste we're gonna kick up dust

We'll dance to Italian accordion riffs
I'll be dancing in the mud, my hand around your hips
we'll shout out one loud, that shit never fails
raise our glass to the moon
This dirt's not for sale!
Track Name: Mr. Johnson
Lyrics by Mathieu Lacombe & Pi Sailin Cutler

Where were you Mr. Johnson?

Well it started when I was a boy in beautiful Montana
I was farming Alpacas with my father and mama
When late one night I was climbing a tree
And out of nowhere a mountain lion sprung upon me
Well our dog, Lady Trixie, was nowhere to be seen
A Turkish Anatolian as tough as can be
Did I fight the lion off? Hell I sure did try
But I was just a boy, and that's the first time I died

Considering the seriousness of the crime son
You better not be lying or you'll do your time
So I ask again, where were you Mr. Johnson?

I bounced back as a man out in sunny Australia
I started me a business, I was building computers
I met my late wife and she brought forth a son
And just outside the hospital there was a hit and run
They ran me right over, they left me to die
Funny that the hospital was right in sight
And all through my life not one lie have I said
that was in 1982, the second time I was dead

You claimed you were climbing the peaks of the great white Rockies
A reborn warrior, you were fighting off grizzlies
You died a third time then you came back in Mali
Are you ready to testify all of this to the jury

I don't believe you Mr Johnson

I do believe you are guilty as charged.
Track Name: The Ol' House
Lyrics by Mathieu Lacombe

There is an ol' house by the river
beyond the old fence, by the black river
built by a man with his very own two hands
built by a man who worked this land
and good songs, he always sang
and he lived most of his life all alone

He told us someday he'll be gone
but this rustic house will sing his song once more

And it will have the strength to withstand
the rain, and snow, and the winds that blow for year to come
for the years that have past, by the black river the house did last
And this is where we'll make our home
raise our kids, sing our songs, grow old and tired
and looking out at the horizon, we'll sleep at last

One day we'll be gone
but this rustic house will sing our song once more
Track Name: Shipwreck
Lyrics by Pi Sailin' Cutler

I woke up on the shore
My mouth full of sand and my skin red with sunburns
I see the shipwreck from where I lay
I'm surrounded by tattered sails and broken beams

I see no one alive
For days I've been stranded on this island
It's wearing me out, tearing me down
I'll build a small boat from the trees around me
And sail away to the sea.

The days feel longer
The clouds lay low and the fog is dense
And I remember the storm
The wind and rain and the haunting pounding waves

I see no one alive
For weeks I've been stranded on this island
It's wearing me out, tearing me down
I'll build a small boat from the bones around me
And sail away to the sea
Track Name: One More Shot
Lyrics by Mathieu Lacombe

One more shot, just one more then I'll go
one more shot, just one more for the road
well I know I said that I would only come out for one drink but I lied my friend
because here I am, I'm taking shots behind locked doors

Well barkeep one for me, and one for my friend
then go ahead and pour one down for yourself
well it might be a quiet Tuesday night
but I'll be drinking, I'll be drinking all night
so one more for me, and pour one more down for you

I ain't got much money, but I've got my friends
but I moved so far away and I found myself alone again
I spent all my money, well that's alright
but I lost the girl, I should of put up a fight
but at this point I'm so drunk I don't even care
Track Name: 6 Gun City
Lyrics by Pi Sailin' Cutler

I'm self employed and though I could be rich
I made my choice, I've gotta catch my fish
Cause I know that you thought that I forgot again
I always forget and now I'm covered in red

They're trying to make a TV show outta me, out of us
Just like a draw, one on one
We only get one round

I saw myself across the street
There was fire in the sky and it shook me up
Inside the court room the devil he helped again
As loud as a marching band I heard the whole world shout
Track Name: Mon Verre est Vide
Lyrics by Mathieu Lacombe

Tire moi d'la boucane dans les yeux
Dans l'estomac je sent le feu
Ma p'tite danseuse, j'n pense qua toi
L'odeur fume m'rentre dans l'nez
Je n'ai pas eu assez d'année
Et tout a coup, mon verre est vide

Coule moi du fort au fond d'la gorge
Tout les menteries ils se délogent
Ils vont s'enfuir vers leur sommeil
Sur l'autoroute, l'estime de soi
Un gout débile des vieux roi
Et tout a coup, mon verre est vide

Dans une fraction d'une second seul
Notre univers elle ferment sa gueule
J'me trouve foutu les mains a terre
Cette balle elle grongent les intestins
Elle m'achèveras d'ici l'matin
Et a cette fin, mon verre est vide
Track Name: Our Law is Lead
Lyrics by Mathieu Lacombe

I killed his brother, he murdered my son
now those crazy eyes are out for my blood
he shot me once but I ain't dead
it slowed me down but I'm still ahead

I'm moving on, the road's so long
but I gotta stay ahead!

He escaped with the current damn fool jumped in
well I know that I got him, I was aiming to kill
three-quarter day tracking now I'm back on his trail
sonovabitch will bleed, I'll send his ass to hell

I'm moving on, the road's so long
but I gotta get ahead
and get the jump on this yella-bellied bastard
light a smoke then draw a bead on his head

Soaked to the bone I stumble on
while this whole damn world is freezing over
gotta keep on moving, can't feel my feet
wanna make a fire and have me a deep sleep

But I gotta move on, the road's so long
well I gotta stay ahead
get to my lady she'll clean my wound
I'll get my rifle then the hunt will pursue

Now it's on, and I won't fold
I'll see your pistol and raise you this rifle
Well for my kin I'm all in, I shoot for him
you're just another body for my bag of sins

Now it's a showdown, and it won't be long
Well I'm gonna shoot him dead
For my brother,
For my son,
In this world our law is lead!
Track Name: A Message
Lyrics by Mathieu Lacombe

Look a me, listen to me I've got some words for you
I'll say them once, so listen well but be warned they are taboo
So stretch your ears, pull them out far and wide until they hurt
Now decipher this message, here's a hint it's not about the church

Look at my lips, look how they move can you make out the words?
From within, out with a grin they run around like bastards
They'll hit you hard and make you think on all you thought you knew
You'll see it for what it really is once revealed its such a breakthrough

I'm just warming up my vocal chords I'll tell you soon, be patient
it's worth the wait to let me dictate 'cause these words are fuckin' brilliant
but be forewarned for many fools will try to censor you
they're simply afraid, "but why?", because they'll know you know the truth

Well I know it's been two minutes and still no wisdom did you hear
and you've listened all so patiently but we've run out of time I fear
but these poised words, they hold the power to save a broken soul
so come on out to our next show, there our message shall be told!

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