The Great Mosdiem

from by The Steady Swagger

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The Great Mosdiem
Music by The Steady Swagger
Lyrics by Mathieu Lacombe

I am Mosdiem!
-Introducing the Great Mosdiem
I am here to entertain, and challenge your mind, I am Mosdiem!
-Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together and prepare yourselves for an evening of magic

For my first trick I will need a member of the audience
You will witness firsthand the disappearance of a coin
Bonsoir Madame would you be so kind to join me here on stage, what’s your name?
Ah Frida! Please have a seat right there
You see this coin, now it is gone! I have made it disappear, but what is that behind you beautiful ear?
-He just threw the coin, we clearly saw it. Then snuck a second from his pocket!
He’s not a magician, his act is a sham and I am tired of this shit!

I am Mosdiem! I am alluring and mysterious. I challenge reality
The Great Mosdiem! I have wonderful magical powers that command at will

For my second trick I, Mosdiem, will melt a spoon
You see this regular metal spoon, I shall melt it!
See it heating between my finger and my thumb, I will keep melting it until the head falls… and… voila!
-Bah! The spoon has been pre-bent right to its breaking point, which he held between his forefinger and
His thumb. He then worked the spoon until it broke, and what looked like melting really was just the
Separation of the broken handle and the head.

Now look at this hat, this beautiful golden hat
I’ll spin it around, there look inside, you see, you see… it is empty!
-Well there’s a rabbit in a cloth hanging on the back of that table right there.
He’ll just put it in the hat while he spins (it) now did you see it? Now there’s a rabbit.
I’m sorry my old friend but I’ve grown weary of this scam, and I have had one too many drinks…
My show will go on!
Shazam, Sam Salabim! Now what is this in my hat?
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a… cat??

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages. You didn’t expect a cat to be pulled out of my hat, did you?
Ah but good sir Theodore here, he did not expect it either
I could only mean the magic I do is true

You see…
I put the rabbit in the hat, put the hat on the table
Took the hat from the table, then I pulled out a cat

I raise my middle finger to all the people who called me a hack
You wanted proof that it’s real magic, well the proof is the cat!


from Vol III, track released April 15, 2017



all rights reserved


The Steady Swagger Montréal, Québec

As soon as they get going, so does their hungry public. For the past six years The Steady Swagger have been crafting their unique style of folk storytelling grounded by a solid rock & roll foundation. They play a deft mélange of high octane theatrical folk music punctuated by surf rock, jazz, pirate shanties and gritty blues. ... more

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